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Charlie Meacham

Getting Started

How do you play the trumpet? 

I write about some of the basics in a few of these articles, but the only surefire way is to take lessons. It is possible to learn by yourself, but it is difficult to avoid bad habits and not get burned out. Another key element in learning to play the trumpet is playing with other people in some capacity. Music is most fun when it is social and interactive. Drilling exercises over and over with no other creative outlets isn’t the fun part for most people. 

If you are looking for trumpet lessons, you can find trumpet teachers by typing in “Trumpet lessons for beginners” or “Trumpet lessons near me.” Your search will show private teachers and music schools. Typing in “Music lessons near me” will get you mostly music schools. Whatever you choose, it is important to do your research and make sure the teachers are reputable. A reputable teacher has a lot of experience playing and teaching trumpet. They should also be excited and confident. While it is possible to find qualified teachers who teach trumpet as their secondary instrument, I recommend finding a teacher who specializes in trumpet. Read online reviews and do your own research on their qualifications. You can also speak to others you know who take trumpet lessons and ask them for recommendations. Try multiple teachers out and go with the one that works best for you.

I can be found by searching “Charlie Meacham Trumpet” but not “Charlie Trumpet.” This is because of the great trumpet player Charlie Porter. Check out the “Lessons” tab on my website to learn more about my teaching methods and philosophy. 

If you are going to attempt to learn trumpet by yourself then I highly recommend reading through my articles in order, watching video tutorials on YouTube, and finding other people to play with. I recommend this series of videos by James Morrison.

Good luck and have fun! 

Charlie Meacham

Charlie Meacham

Breathing Exercises

Breathing is one of the most important parts of playing the trumpet. Although we breathe all day everyday, in life we seldom have the need to breathe deeply. Because of this, one needs to learn to breathe specifically for playing the trumpet.

Charlie Trumpet
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