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Charlie is a trumpet player and trumpet teacher from the San Francisco Bay Area and is currently attending San Jose State University for music performance. At SJSU he has been part of The Symphonic Band, Jazz Orchestra, and Brass Ensemble. He was awarded a trumpet scholarship by the SJSU School of Music and Dance. 


In high school, Charlie was fortunate to be part of a very strong band program with many ensembles and travel opportunities. His time at El Cerrito High School allowed him to play at The Monterey Jazz Festival, The Chicago Symphony Center, The Kennedy Center, and Jazz festivals across Europe including Umbria Jazz Festival and The Montreux Jazz Festival. Charlie was also the lead trumpet player in The California Jazz Conservatory’s Studio Band with whom he also did a tour of Europe.



Lessons will be tailored to a student’s needs and goals. But, a typical lesson will cover fundamentals such as breathing, the embouchure, tonguing, tone, and range; as well as repertoire that challenges the student and applies the fundamentals they are working on. During lessons, Charlie teaches music theory by using examples from exercises and repertoire they are covering and breaking it down into easy to understand chunks. 


Trumpet lessons are on Zoom for $80 per hour or $40 for half-an-hour.

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Charlie Trumpet
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